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60 seconds with 1Rebel fitness studio instructor Sarah Fowkes

The PT and 1Rebel Ride, Reshape and Rumble trainer talks diversity, post-workout relaxation and Victoria’s best vegan hangouts

What’s your favourite thing about the new 1Rebel Nova, Victoria studio?
My favourite thing about the studio has got to be the design and the look of it but, of course, also the incredible light system we have – there is nothing else like it in London

Where do you like to go in Victoria?
I love Crosstown Doughnuts and Ahi Poké. I’m vegan so the bowls and the vegan doughnuts are to die for.

What’s the best thing about being part of the Rebel Army?
The best thing is the diversity we have in our team. We’re all from different backgrounds but we all bring those rebel vibes!

If you weren’t a fitness instructor what would you be? 
I’d love to have been a professional athlete or PTI in the army, something where I can still train!

What’s your favourite healthy snack?
Fresh watermelon. It’s hydrating, full of electrolytes and tastes amazing after a session.

1 rebel nova victoria

What’s your personal approach as an instructor?
I’m a bit of a spiritual gangster, my style is pretty hardcore physically but I also like to push into the reasons why clients train and why they workout; mind and body connection. 

What song always gets you in the mood for a workout?
It would have to be No Limit by G-Eazy. 

How do you unwind after a workout?
Unwinding is a challenge, but I love to grab a shake post-workout, chat with the clients and our team and then head home for an Epsom salt bath. The best!

What’s your biggest vice?
My biggest vice is probably too much caffeine. As my job already gives me a massive high, I really don’t need to have as much as I tend to drink. 

What’s your motto?
My motto is feel the fear and do it anyway. Great things are always on the other side of fear.

1Rebel Nova, Victoria is now open at Unit 5, Nova Victoria SW1E 5BX;

1 Rebel Nova Victoria