The Top 20 Burgers in Victoria

Here's our roundup of the best burgers right here in Victoria...

1. The Burgerdict, Rail House Café, SW15 5DJ

Is there a meal between brunch and lunch? Well, with its beef patty on toasted English muffin topped with gooey poached egg, this seriously indulgent hybrid dish sits comfortably somewhere in the middle. 

2. Big Daddy Burger, Greenwood, SW1E 5LB

We advise you not to eat anything at least 12-hours in advance of tackling Greenwood’s seriously super-sized Big Daddy Burger. This special-edition whopper is loaded with two Shorthorn beef patties, two potato waffles and even a fried egg. 

3. ShackBurger, Shake Shack, SW1E 5LB

You've got to hand it to New Yorkers, they sure make a mean burger. If you've got no time for fancy, superfluous ingredients, then the original ShackBuger is the way to go.

4. Timmy's Burger, Timmy Green, SW1E 5DJ

Partly responsible for introducing the now compulsory smashed avo to our breakfasts, Aussie-inspired café Timmy Green have done it again with their signature burger, which comes in an oh-so-trendy charcoal brioche bun with chilli pineapple salsa.

5. Nordic Burger, Aster Café, SW1E 5LB

Put all thoughts of Santa’s adorable helpers out of your mind and treat your taste buds to Aster's sumptuous smoked reindeer burger with summer slaw and lingonberry jam. 

6. Rarebit Burger, Bill's, SW1E 5JL

Everyone knows that Bill’s does brilliant burgers. And for one-day only the restaurant is offering a limited-edition rarebit burger, which takes the form of a classic Bill’s burger with the addition of rarebit and smoked streaky bacon. 

7. The French Burger, All Bar One, SW1E 6AJ

How do you make a juicy beef burger even more indulgent? By adding gooey Camembert cheese and sticky red onion chutney, of course. Ooh la la!

8. The Jamie's Italian Burger, Jamie's Italian SW1E 6SQ

Nonna may balk at the idea of an Italian-themed burger but Jamie pulls it out of the bag with his delicious prime British beef patty, pancetta, Balsamic onions and Westcombe Cheddar cheese combo.

9. Chilli beef, Low, Slow & Juke, SW1P 2LU

The American South may not be known for its clean living, but when it inspires burgers like this, complete with cheese and red cabbage slaw then, quite frankly, we don’t give a damn.

10. Sunset burger, Nando's, SW1V 1DZ

A cheeky Nando's is as much a part of British dining culture as a milky cup of tea, so it only seems natural to swap your usual Friday night beef burger with one that features two chicken thighs, melted cheese and smoky red pepper chutney.

11. The Browns Burger, Browns Brasserie and Bar, SW1E 5AG

Browns don't mess about when it comes to their signature burger – a classic brioche bun with Irish cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, smoky bacon and English mustard mayo. What more could you possibly want?

12. Wagyu Beef Burger, Caxton Grill at St Ermin's Hotel, SW1H 0QW

The team at Caxton Grill have devised possibly the poshest burger on our list, made from exclusive Wagyu beef and topped with pulled pork and cheese. Bring on the meat sweats.

13. Chipotle Bean Burger, The Slug & Lettuce, SW1P 1RH

Just because you don't eat meat doesn't mean you should miss out on all the fun of the bun. Even committed carnivores will enjoy sinking their teeth into this BBQ chipotle quinoa delight.

14. Homemade cheeseburger, The Queen's Arms, SW1V 1QT

Nothing blows the cobwebs away like a no-nonsense, juicy beef burger. Add a healthy dollop of Bloody Mary ketchup and mayo and you've got yourself the ultimate hangover cure.

15. Homemade Burger, The Brougham, SW1V 1HP

Proving that nowhere does burgers quite like a gastropub, The Brougham's straightforward burger menu is everything you could possibly want from your local boozer and more.

16. Bacon Cheeseburger, Bleecker Victoria, SW1E 5NE

Quitting a successful law career to drive a burger truck around London seems like madness but when Zan Kaufman did it in 2012, it turned out to be the best decision of her life. Try the burger often dubbed ‘London’s best’ at Bleecker’s new permanent branch in SW1.

17. Dangerously Hot Burger, Boisdale of Belgravia, SW1W 9LX

For those that like their meat with serious kick, try Boisdale's spicy signature burger, which turns up the heat by adding chipotle chilli ketchup and pickled jalapeños.

18. The African, Bbar, SW1W 0PP  

South Africa is a carnivore's paradise, so where better to get your exotic meat fix than South African-themed restaurant Bbar? The African burger is as authentic as they come, made with wild boar and venison, fried quails' eggs, cinnamon marog (spinach) and Chakalaka relish.

19. M Kobe Gold Burger, M Victoria St, SW1E 6SQ

M executive chef Mike Reid has devised a burger that’s so flash you may require sunglasses to eat it. The outrageously luxurious M Kobe Beast Burger is a slab of high-quality Kobe beef topped with lobster tempura, caviar, cheese emulsion and even edible gold leaf. 

20. Cajun Chicken Burger, Cambridge Street Kitchen, SW1V 4QQ

Also putting chicken on the menu is upmarket gastropub Cambridge Street Kitchen, which once again turns to the American South for mouthwatering inspiration.