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The Inspirational Women of SW1: Fiona Barratt-Campbell

Interior designer

When did you realise that you had a flair for interior design?

Design is in my DNA thanks to the wonderful influence of my grandfather, property developer Sir Lawrie Barratt, who founded one of the largest residential property development companies in the UK in 1958, Barratt Homes. He has been, and continues to be, my greatest inspiration. After deciding to take the Art Foundation Course at London's Chelsea College of Art, I began to develop a keen interest in the study of architecture as well as interiors. Through this interest came my flair for interior design. I realised I could have the best of both worlds.

What's the most important thing you've learned in your career?

The ability to say no without feeling I have done something wrong and always buy yourself time.

What's been your proudest professional achievement?

I am proud of every project I have completed. Myself and my team immerse ourselves completely in every job we take from conception to completion, ensuring that we are delivering successfully outstanding results every time. Achieving client satisfaction is, for me, the proudest moment.

Fiona Barratt-Campbell

If you could give a piece of advice to your 16-year-old self, what would it be?

'Be yourself, everyone else is already taken'. No one says it better than Oscar Wilde himself

What women do you look up to or have inspired you?

Definitely my mother. Her determination and strength have inspired me to build my business while having a family and all the demands that both involve.

Your studio is based in Victoria. What do you like about the area and where do you like to go?

For me, Victoria is such a fantastic location for my studio. Its easy access makes life a lot easier for my clients to reach and Victoria, with the likes of Tom Ford, Studio 1508, is becoming a design hotspot – a hub for innovation and creativity.On a more recreational note, Victoria has developed into a dynamic destination for both lifestyle, business and culture: there's the beautiful Curzon theatre practically next door – I love spending one evening a week immersing myself in a film and their super comfy reclining sofas – and Iris & June is a staple for the morning coffee run.

Fiona Barratt-Campbell

I train at Gymbox, just across the road and then I'd usually grab a quick salad from Vital or a juice from Joe & the Juice. Aster's a great spot for client entertainment. 

There is also a very wide variety of High Street shops and exciting eateries. The area also feels quite homely as there an equal mix of residential and commercial properties meaning that there's always a cool blend of both national and international visitors, residents and workers alike. Victoria is unique in terms of its heritage, has huge destination appeal and opportunities for future growth.