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National Burger Day 2018

The top 10 veggie burgers in SW1  

Veggie burgers used to be a bland afterthought or practically non-existent. But times have changed and today plant-based diets are more popular than ever before. In response, London’s restaurants are producing increasingly inventive and flavourful meat-free alternatives. Just in time for National Burger Day (Thursday 23 August), we’ve rounded up Victoria’s best vegan and vegetarian burgers that everyone can enjoy. 

Where? Bleecker Victoria 

What? Veggie Burger

When done badly, tofu lives up to its often unsavoury reputation for being soggy and bland. But when done well, it makes a deliciously versatile meat alternative. Still unconvinced? Try Bleecker’s outrageously addictive fried organic tofu burger, oozing with enough hot sauce and blue cheese sauce to convert any carnivore.

£6.50, Bleecker Victoria, 205 Victoria Street, SW1E 5NE;


Where? Rail House Café 

What? Smoked Vegetable Fritter Burger

Meat-free burgers are a good excuse to get creative with your veggies. Just ask the team at Rail House Café, whose smoked veggie fritter is jam-packed with the good stuff including aubergine, courgette and chickpea, then topped with tasty tzatziki and tomato relish. We approve.

£12.50, Rail House Café, Nova Food, 8 Sir Simon Milton Square, SW1E 5DJ;


Where? Greenwood

What? Veggie Burger

Greenwood’s Middle Eastern-inspired veggie burger is a satisfying combo of falafel harissa, tahini mayo and grilled halloumi.

£13, Greenwood, Nova Food, 170 Victoria St, SW1E 5LB;


Where? Bill’s

What? Halloumi Burger

Where would vegetarians be without halloumi? Going hungry at family barbeques for one thing.  Well, there’s zero chance of going hungry at Bill’s restaurant – their deliciously moreish halloumi burger, loaded with tomato hummus, sweet chilli sauce, roasted peppers and lime aioli and served in a sesame bun, will see to that.

£10.95, Bill’s, 6 Cathedral Walk Cardinal Place, SW1E 5JL;


Where? Shake Shack

What? 'Shroom Burger

This New York-born fast food chain created quite the culinary storm when it moved to our shores back in 2013. Shake Shack’s popular 'Shroom Burger – a crisp-fried portobello mushroom filled with melted muenster and cheddar cheese – proves that veggies needn’t miss out on their take-away fix, or pay through the nose for it.

£4.90, Shake Shack, Nova Food, 172 Victoria St, SW1E 5LB;


Where? All Bar One

What? The Vegan

Who would have guessed that Victoria’s hottest vegan burger comes from happy-hour hangout All Bar One? The restaurant’s signature vegan burger is a delicious aubergine and harissa patty topped with beetroot hummus and fire-roasted peppers, served in a vegan-friendly ancient grain bun. Spread the word.

£10.75, All Bar One Victoria, 58 Victoria St, SW1E 6AJ;


Where? Jamie’s Italian

What? Quinoa and Kale burger

Clever Jamie Oliver has combined two of your favourite superfoods with balsamic onions and cottage cheese to create the ultimate virtuous veggie burger. Order a side of polenta crisps with veggie-friendly Parmesan for the ultimate treat.

£12.50, Jamie’s Italian, 66 Victoria St, SW1E 6SQ;


Where? Timmy Green

What? Veggie burger

Don’t be alarmed by the colour of Timmy Green’s signature charcoal brioche bun. Inside you’ll find a delicious chickpea and beetroot burger that’s packed with flavour. And if vegetables and charcoal bread all sound far too healthy then make sure to save room for Timmy Green’s famously decadent desserts.

£15, Timmy Green, Nova Food, 11 Buckingham Palace Rd, SW1E 5DJ;

Photo credit: Leyla Kazim, food stylist: Francesca Day


Where? The Albert

What? Falafel burger

Like halloumi, falafel has been the saving grace for many a non-meat eater for decades. Victoria’s Grade-II listed boozer serves a delicious, no-frills falafel burger with crisp lettuce, red onion, gherkin and tomato salsa, served with chips and a dressed slaw. Bonus points for being totally vegan too.

£10.95, The Albert, 52 Victoria Street, SW1H 0NP;


Where? Nando’s

What? Sweet potato & butternut

Just because you don’t eat meat doesn’t mean you can’t partake in a cheeky Nando’s once in a while. Everyone’s favourite peri-peri chicken pitstop has a surprisingly extensive (and tasty) range of veggie options. We recommend the sweet potato and butternut squash patty with red pepper, onion and edamame beans, smothered in extra hot sauce, of course.

£6.45 Nando’s Cardinal Place, 17 Cardinal Walk, SW1E 5JE;