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World Whisky Day: Aster

An Interview with... Matyas Barta, Bar Manager  

What kind of whisky do you serve at Aster?

We have a range of whiskies that touch a lot of different countries and regions. We also have a good selection of scotches, bourbons, ryes and Japanese whiskies. 

What’s your personal favourite way to drink whisky?

It really depends on the mood and company and time of the day. Sometimes I really like to have a neat bourbon or something ‘Sinatra-esque’ when I’m at home. I also enjoy heavier whiskies like Laphroaig.


Can you recommend a very simple whisky mixer or cocktail?

Sure, we have a nice one on the menu here at Aster called Forbidden Fruit. It’s Johnnie Walker Black Label, Fino sherry, homemade lager cordial, apple juice, lemon and a dash of Lagavulin (Islay single malt scotch). Shake them together and strain into a glass over the rocks.

Can you tell us about the cocktail you’ve launched for World Whisky Day?

We’ve introduced a special new cocktail called Meghan’s Mark. The ingredients are strawberry-infused Maker’s Mark, pomegranate molasses, homemade soy syrup and sparkling rosé.

Whisky over ice – acceptable or never?

Everyone has their personal preference but I prefer my whisky neat with a little bit of dilution. Normally I use a pipette to add a few drops of water. From my personal point of view, ice kills the flavours but obviously you are the guest and you know how you like your drink.

Finally, which celebrity would you most love to share a bottle of whisky with?

I couldn't name just one person, but if I had to it would be Lemmy from Motörhead and Frank Sinatra, of course. I could also add Sir Winston Churchill – they would be my dream team to go out and have a drink with.

Meghan’s Mark will be available on World Whisky Day for £10.50. Aster, Nova Food, 150 Victoria Street, SW1E 5LB;