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World Whisky Day: M Restaurant

An interview with... M Restaurants founder, Martin Williams

What kind of whisky do you serve at M Victoria St?

We have over 50 whiskies at M from all over the world. We also have a range of cocktails with food pairing accompaniments.

What’s your personal favourite way to drink whisky?

Johnnie Walker Blue Label with blue cheese ice cream.

Can you recommend a very simple whisky mixer or cocktail?

The Blue Rose: Stir three drops of Pedro Ximénez sherry and three drops of rose water into a glass of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Finish with an orange peel twist.

Whisky over ice – acceptable or never?

Sure. Ice opens whisky up – like decanting wine.

Ireland and Scotland are obviously famous for their whiskies, but can you recommend other distilleries or countries that produce great bottles too?

The Japanese Nikka and Suntory whiskies have changed the world view on the market, however, Tasmanian whisky is amazing for those in the know.

Finally, which celebrity would you most love to share a bottle of whisky with?

I will be sharing a wee dram of Johnnie Walker at the Monaco Grand Prix on our M Restaurants trackside tri-deck yacht later in the month with Eddie Irvine and Mika Häkkinen. That’s something to look forward to.

M Victoria St, The Zig Zag Building, 74 Victoria St, SW1E 6SQ;