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World Whisky Day: The Stoke House

An interview with... Kosmas Manentis

What kind of whisky do you serve at The Stoke House?

We’ve got one of all the different types of whisky, as much as we can. We’ve got single malt and blended and a lot of bourbon (which complements the kind of food we serve): Wild Turkey, rye and Tennessee whisky, plus Jack Daniel’s, of course. Then there’s Irish and Scottish brands such as Laphroaig. We make a lot of our old fashioneds and Manhattans with a bourbon brand called Maker’s 46, which is pretty good. When it comes to whisky cocktails we mainly do old fashioneds and Manhattans but sometimes we’ll do a boulevardier or a rob roy.

Stoke House

What is the new cocktail you’ve introduced for World Cocktail Day?

It’s called a Horse’s Neck which is an old American cocktail made with bourbon, ginger ale and lemon rind. It’s kind of one of those old, forgotten recipes.  

What’s your personal favourite way to drink whisky?

At home, I’ll take a bottle of Talisker and a glass, then add maybe one third water.

Can you recommend a simple whisky mixer?

Ice and soda water. It’s a good way to taste the flavour of the whisky. Whisky & coke isn’t really a thing! 

Whisky over ice – acceptable or never?

It depends on the whisky. If you have a blended whisky just for cocktails, which is less than 10 years of age, then I would say it’s OK to have it with ice – if it’s over 10 years, then no.

Finally, which celebrity would you most love to share a bottle of whisky with?

Johnny Cash!

Stoke House

The Horse’s Neck cocktail will be available for £7 instead of the normal £12 on Saturday 19 May. The Stoke House, Nova Food, 81 Buckingham Palace Road, SW1W 0AJ;